Best Practice Guidelines

The New South Wales Bar Association considers that achieving best practice in professional conduct and compliance with New South Wales and Commonwealth laws in the area of equality and diversity should be encouraged among its members and their chambers/floors.

The model Best Practice Guidelines were first approved by the Bar Council on 19 June 2014.

In light of recent legislative changes and the Australian Human Rights Commission National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces, the Best Practice Guidelines have been updated by the Bar Council, with the assistance of advice from a Working Group and input from a number of Policy Committees.

The updated Best Practice Guidelines were approved in March-April 2022 and are part of a suite of initiatives to address harassment, discrimination and bullying within the profession.

The Best Practice Guidelines approved by the Bar Council in 2014 consist of:

The updated Best Practice Guidelines approved by the Bar Council in 2022 consist of:

The updated Best Practice Guidelines were launched on 2 June 2022 by the President, Gabrielle Bashir SC, along with former Presidents Tim Game SC and Michael McHugh SC.

All floors and chambers are encouraged to seek independent legal advice with respect to the application of the updated Best Practice Guidelines to their chambers, members and staff. Nothing in the Best Practice Guidelines should be taken as legal advice.

The Bar Association encourages all floors and chambers to adopt these guidelines and to address the matters contained in the Best Practice Guidelines, to accommodate their specific variations.

The following chambers have adopted the Best Practice Guidelines approved by the Bar Council in 2014. A list of chambers that have adopted the updated Best Practice Guidelines will be published in due course, following the period of internal consultation within chambers that will need to take place.

  • 153 Phillip Street
  • 11th Floor Garfield Barwick Chambers
  • 11th Floor St James Hall
  • 12th Floor Selborne/Wentworth Chambers
  • 13th Floor St James Hall
  • 4th Floor Selborne Chambers
  • 4th Floor Wentworth Chambers
  • 5 Selborne 
  • 5 Wentworth
  • 6th Floor St James Hall Chambers
  • 7 Wentworth Selborne Chambers
  • 8 Wentworth Chambers
  • 8th Floor Selborne Chambers
  • 9 Selborne Chambers
  • Alinea Chambers
  • Arthur Phillip Chambers
  • Banco Chambers
  • Black Chambers
  • Blackstone Chambers
  • Culwulla Chambers
  • Denman Chambers
  • Edmund Barton Chambers
  • Eleven Wentworth
  • Fifth Floor St James' Hall
  • Forbes Chambers
  • Greenway Chambers
  • Ground Floor Wentworth Chambers
  • Hargrave Chambers
  • Henry Parkes Chambers
  • Hunter Street Chambers
  • Jack Shand Chambers
  • Level 22 Chambers
  • Martin Place Chambers
  • Maurice Byers Chambers
  • New Chambers 
  • Samuel Griffith Chambers
  • Second Floor Selborne Chambers
  • Second Floor Wentworth Chambers
  • Seventh Floor Garfield Barwick Chambers
  • Sir Anthony Mason Chambers
  • Six St James Hall Chambers
  • Sixth Floor Selborne/Wentworth Chambers
  • Sixth Floor Windeyer Chambers 
  • Tenth Floor Chambers
  • Third Floor St James Hall
  • Trust Chambers
  • University Chambers
  • Waratah Chambers
  • Wardell Chambers
  • William Deane Chambers

The following chambers have advised that they have developed and adopted their own guidelines or policies addressing matters contained in the 2014 Best Practice Guidelines:

  • 9 Wentworth Chambers
  • Eleven Wentworth
  • Ground Floor Wentworth Chambers
  • Lachlan Macquarie Chambers
  • Nigel Bowen Chambers
  • Sir Owen Dixon Chambers