Suzie Miller, playwright, author of Prima Facie and RBG, Of Many One, on her new play Jailbaby and the role of the creative arts in policy development and law reform, in conversation with Bashir SC.

Suzie Miller’s new play “Jailbaby” opens at the Griffin Theatre Company here in Sydney premiering in July.  Jailbaby, like other plays Suzie has written, (such as Prima Facie), engages with a topical and complex social issue. In this case juvenile justice, sentencing and prison reform.

Suzie and Gaby will discuss how the creative arts have a role to play in our community – providing a platform for conversations around issues in the legal system and the potential for law reform.


CPD Points 1
Date & Times Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at 5:00pm - 6:00pm
CPD Strand Barristers' Skills, Substantive Law, Practice and Procedure, and Evidence, Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Committee Education

This CPD will take place at the New South Wales Bar Association Common Room

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