Will Construction

The Succession and Elder Law Committee is pleased to host a CPD seminar presented by Justice Michael Meek and David Liebhold Barrister – Interlocutor, and chaired by Lindsay Ellison SC, on Wednesday 22 March, at 5pm.

 Will construction requires a consideration of case law, statute and any evidence held to be admissible.

If the will-drafter can’t get it right, litigation is a most expensive means of implementing the intentions of the testator.

 Attendees are encouraged to submit questions in advance. Questions can be submitted at the time of registration or via email to cpd@nswbar.asn.au

To register for this CPD, please click here. This CPD will be run by registration only. Numbers are limited.


CPD Points 1
Date & Times Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 5:00pm - 6:00pm
CPD Strand Substantive Law, Practice and Procedure, and Evidence
Committee Succession and Elder Law

This CPD will be in-person in the New South Wales Bar Association Common Room

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