Bar Council is assisted by specialist committees comprised of barrister volunteers who offer their skills and expertise for the benefit of the public and the profession. Committees regularly advise and assist the Bar Council in matters of law reform and public affairs, including responding to matters of public policy and the administration of justice. This can involve providing expert commentary to ministers, members of parliament, government and parliamentary committees and law reform agencies. Committees operate in accordance with the Bar Association’s Guidelines for Committee Tenure and Governance.

Accessibility Panel

Valerie Heath (chair)

Alternative Dispute Resolution

John Fernon SC (chair)

Bar News

Ingmar Taylor SC (chair)

Climate Change

Ruth Higgins SC and Richard Lancaster SC (chair)

Common Law

David Hooke SC (chair)

Costs and Fees

Mark Walsh SC & Philippe Doyle Gray (chair)

Criminal Law

Stephen Odgers SC & Helen Roberts SC (chair)

Diversity and Equality

Sera Mirzabegian SC & Melanie Cairns (chair)


Robert Hollo SC and Patrick Griffin SC (chair)

Family Care and Adoption

Robert Lethbridge SC (chair)

First Nations

Tony McAvoy SC (chair)

Human Rights

Simeon Beckett SC & Miiko Kumar (chair)

Industrial, Employment, Health and Safety

Bruce Hodgkinson AM SC & Yaseen Shariff SC (chair)

Media and Information Law and Technology

Michael Green SC & Matthew Richardson SC (chair)

Inquests & Inquiries

Kristina Stern SC (chair)


Greg Laughton SC (chair)

Legal Aid

Sharyn Hall SC & James Trevallion (chair)

New Barristers

Elly Phelan & Nicholas Bentley (chair)

Practice Development

David Thomas SC (chair)

Succession and Protective Law

Lindsay Ellison SC (chair)


Cynthia Cochrane SC (chair)

PCC #1

Edward Muston SC & Kate Morgan SC (chair)

PCC #2

Michael Izzo SC (chair)

PCC #3

Yaseen Shariff SC (chair)

PCC #4

Dominic Toomey SC (chair)