Why choose BarADR?

When you’re seeking mediation or arbitration services, our expert ADR barrister practitioners are uniquely qualified to handle outside-the-courtroom negotiations and dispute resolutions. As members of the Bar Association, they’re among the best barristers in Australia. Our ADR barrister practitioners are:

  • Accredited by the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS)
  • Members of the NSW Bar Association
  • Experienced, with at least five years in legal practice and several more in mediation and arbitration specifically

Each barrister ADR practitioner must apply for re-accreditation every two years. To be re-accredited, providers must have completed 25 hours of mediation or conciliation work and at least 20 hours of continued education in the field.

Hiring a barrister ADR practitioner

Our ADR barrister practitioners tend to work through chambers with a clerk or practice manager who is the general point of contact and can answer any questions you might have about the barrister’s ADR experience, rates, availability and scheduling an appointment.

Once you engage a barrister ADR practitioner, they will send you a fee disclosure or costs agreement to sign. Depending on whether you have engaged a barrister ADR practitioner to advocate in or to conduct ADR, you may need to prepare a brief. Discuss this with your barrister ADR practitioner or their clerk and if you’re unsure what to include in your brief, your barrister can instruct you further. A brief will usually include:

  • The basic facts of your case
  • Any questions you may have or legal advice you need
  • Any documents related to your case

Need assistance through ADR services?

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